Good Shepherd is a Christian family committed
to responding to our Lord's love and command to
"make disciples of all nations" by sharing the
Good News of Christ through our words and actions.


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Worship on Wednesday: 6:15 p.m.


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NOTES: Please remember our shut-in members during this time. It means so much to them to know that we are thinking of them when we cannot be with them. Cards, letters, and gifts are appropriate to send during this time.


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Lieutenant Mark Aiello - U.S. Navy Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Florida. Son of Tony & Linda Aiello. Husband of Marrem Aiello.

Jake Corollo - National Guard Son of John Carollo and Lynn Carollo

Sean DeBruzzi - Army National Guard Test pilot, son of the DeBruzzi’s has returned home after being deployed to Iraq as a helicopter pilot.

Master Sgt. Matthew Neeley - Air Force McGuire AFB, NJ, Rick & Barb Reynolds’ niece’s daughter’s husband.

PFC James Raschke - Army John & Tracy Hiller’s nephew.

Captain Jason Willis - Texas Army National Guard Grace Kotowitz’ nephew. 

2nd Lieutenant Chris Zolner - Army National Guard Sharon & Bob Zolner’s son. Husband of Calla Zolner and father of Zachary Zolner.

Dominic Bruinius - Navy Seal basic training, Great Lakes, IL, Donna Chaffee’s grandson

Ryan M. Janca - U.S. Navy Frank and Linda Janca’s grandson serving in Bahrain on the border patrol.



News & Announcements

WORSHIP ON WEDNESDAYS (W.O.W.): will be available for those who miss worship on Sunday. Services will be every Wednesday evening beginning at 6:15 p.m., and will continue year round. Each Wednesday uses the previous Sunday’s sermon and hymns in a more relaxed and simpler format. Holy Communion will be celebrated on the third Wednesday of the month. 

GENESIS "HIS"tory: is the sermon series for 2022. So much of what we read in the rest of the Bible begins in Genesis. Genesis is a masterfully told narrative that will connect us to “front-page” issues of today. Genesis is more than history – it is His story. It is God’s Word speaking directly into our lives.

SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY:  We are spending time in the psalms. Each Sunday a new psalm. Psalms speak from the heart to the heart of God. Expressions like these are found in the psalms – How long, O LORD? Why, O LORD? I will exalt you, O LORD. Great is the LORD. Have mercy on me, O God. How wonderful that God put such “heart language” in his Word so we can express what is in our hearts! Bible Study meets in the fellowship hall with coffee and refreshments.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: God's Word!  Psalm 119:105  Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. In today's lesson we learn that Jesus' love is for everyone as Peter is sent to tell the Gentiles about Christ, the Savior of the world.  Cornelius has invited all his family and everyone he knew to listen to the message.  The Holy Spirit fills them and they are baptized! Family challenge:  God is always ready to help us.  He sent an angel to Cornelius and a vision to Peter.  How does God give us His messages today?  Why did Cornelius invite everyone he knew?  Why was he so excited? What exciting things has God done for us?


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