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    1. Greg Dowler Greg Dowler
    2. Darrell Holmquist Darrell Holmquist
    3. Paul Molthan Paul Molthan
    4. Rick Reynolds Rick Reynolds


               Duties of Elders at Good Shepherd:
1)      Shall maintain true Christian doctrine and way of life within the congregation and in personal behavior.
2)      Shall see that the sanctuary and adjoining areas are prepared for worship services.
3)      Shall assist in the administration of the Sacraments.
4)      Shall assist the Pastor in preserving and promoting the congregation’s spiritual welfare.
5)      Shall make regular contact with assigned members of Good Shepherd’s membership
6)      Shall maintain attendance records, collect/submit offerings, and welcome visitors.
7)      Shall attend monthly meetings and keep records of the same as well as attend council and voter meetings.


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